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Alfresco is a very powerful, flexible and modern solution for managing all types of documents within and outside the company. We have already developed some solutions and products related to Alfresco. Add-ons and additional software for Alfresco solutions.


ifresco architecture

PHP5+, Symfony 2 for MVC Framework, Doctrine for database ORM, Alfresco Integration based on Standard Restful Services & Webservice API, No additional webscripts must be installed on the server! Server Side Converter for OFFICE2SWF, Connversion, MySQL to save – administrative data, user sessions and favorites, jQuery for various JavaScript? functions and drag & drop, Ext JS for the user interface with plug-ins

Intelligent OCR processing

It is integrated intelligent OCR processing works the same with ABBYY FineReader as well as the iOCR engine. This can be controlled per input folder or for the Web service interface using the OCR profile and is available for both the PDF> PDF and for PDF> TXT processing.


Alfresco is an open platform for mission-critical document management and collaboration. Alfresco automates document-intensive business processes and provides comprehensive cooperation and helps businesses to quickly adapt to the rapid changes in the market and to better serve their customers. Alfresco, an open source document management system can manage your entire business-critical content.

ifresco PlugIns

A FREE standard plug-in enables users to upload documents via the ifresco Profiler in any Alfresco / ifresco repository. For Alfresco documents there only will be used the default fields and the default content type. So it is not necessary to install an additional content model.


ifresco / Alfresco

Where is the content that allows you to run your business? Is it managed centrally or is it distributed across multiple PCs, e-mail inboxes, USB flash drives, removable drives and network file shares?

Alfresco provides all the basic document management services that an organization requires for recording and management of electronic files and the automation of document-centric business processes.

Alfresco, an open source document management system, may manage all your critical content from credit checking procedures to insurance claims to sensitive legal documents.


ifresco Profiler – incl. Demo Plugin - Configuration & Use (PDF) Download

ifresco Profiler – incl. Alfresco Standard Plug-In (PDF) Download

Description of the installation and examples ifresco Tools Download

Testsystem online

ifresco Client & Alfresco 4.2 CE | User: admin | Password: admin

Alfresco Share:
ifresco Profiler plugin:

ifresco Client


OpenSource Client for Alfresco

ifresco Transformer

incl. iOCR

AutoOCR as Alfresco Transformer

More Products


PDF(/A) Converter Service

Conversion to PDF, PDF/A incl. OCR via web service interface.


Outlook 2010/2013 Plug-In

Convert email messages with attachments to PDF or PDF/A.


PDF Workflow Tool

Recognize documents, extract, split, metadata, sign, etc.

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