Produkte für Alfresco ECM

Alfresco is a very powerful, flexible and modern solution for managing all types of documents inside and outside a company. We have prepared some solutions and products for Alfresco. Add-on and additional software for Alfresco solutions.


Alfresco is the open platform for mission-critical document management and collaboration. Alfresco automates document-intensive business processes and enables comprehensive collaboration, helping companies adapt faster to rapid changes in the marketplace.

Intelligent PDF OCR Processing

AutoOCR integrates an intelligent OCR processing which works either with ABBYY FineReader Engine or IOCR in the same way. This can be controlled per input folder or with the Web service interface via the OCR profile and is available both for the PDF> PDF and the PDF> TXT processing.


OCR processor – Generates searchable PDF and PDF/A documents. AutoOCR is an OCR processor watching pre-defined folders, converting automatically new added or changed image documents to fulltext searchable PDF or PDF/A documents.
iOCR - An unlimited IOCR standard OCR engine is integrated in AutoOCR. This is characterized by a high processing speed, can handle as input image files and PDFs to create searchable PDFs from it.


PDF(/A) converter service with SOAP / REST – Web-Service.
The FileConverterPro is installed as a Windows service and provides functions for converting the most important document formats to PDF, PDF/A incl. OCR via a Web-Service interface (SOAP or REST).
A Windows service monitors the input folder, converts all existing and newly added files and writes them to the configured output folder. The HotFolder service can be installed on the computer or on any FCPro remote computers.

ecm4u SmartTransformer

The SmartTransformer tackles the root of the problems and outsources all office-conversions to an independent, robust and scalable service of transformation. This transformation service konverts office documents with MS-Office-libraries amongst others things. The previews are similar to the user saving the document in Microsoft Office as PDF. In addition the ecm4u implementation also solves intelligent a lot of scaling and operational problems, which occur with the Alfresco´s own implementation.

Mehr Produkte


PDF stationery for your office

iPaper has a lot of features and helps to simplify your office work.


Outlook 2010/2013 Plug-In

Convert e-mail messages with attachments to PDF or PDF / A.


PDF Workflow Tool

Detect documents, split, extract metadata, sign, etc.

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